Friday, May 17, 2013

A wider look at men and women's roles

A wider look at men and women's roles over the last few decades shows the gender gap has shrunk as women work more and fathers take on a greater share of housework and child care. Adding to that, Luhrmann is amping up the sexual tension to a hip-hop soundtrack by Jay-Z, and he is filming in 3D. The red carpet is major: every celebrity and top model is expected to bring their A-game. And much to my amazement, it even has a surprising and dark (well, in Rankin/Bass terms) twist ending.Of all his 1931 films though, my personal favorite remains Five Star Final. ”It would have been much easier, I suppose, going to a designer and getting a nice dress from them, or me designing it from scratch, but it’s kind of a combo platter. 'I’ve never been a big reader in my life. He was trying to do something good and noble, until he was stopped by ignorant morons who refused to see the possibilities of a world beyond what was at hand.S."There's been this convergence of gender roles, but there's still this big gap," said Pew's Parker, herself a mother of two.8. because [that's where the film] takes place.Die, Monster, Die was based on Lovecraft’s story, The Colour Out of Space, and director Daniel Haller actually did a decent job of capturing the atmosphere of decay. But perhaps the biggest dealmaker is its amazingly low is an online wholesale clothing distributor.

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